• There is no appointment required
  • You MUST bring the REQUISITION and your HEALTH CARD

  • There is no preparation required for this test


An x-ray technologist will call you into the room, verify your information and the test that is to be done and get a short history of why the test is being done. You may be asked to change into a gown or to remove jewelry. The technologist will position you in order to see the part being examined in several planes. Several pictures are taken on one or more films. The technologist  will then review the digital images and check that they have all the views that the radiologist will need. At this point you are finished and may leave.

The images are reviewed by a radiologist (doctor with special training in diagnostic imaging). A report is generated and sent to the doctor that asked for the test. Results can only be given to you by the doctor who ordered the test.General x-ray examinations can take anywhere from 5 minutes to ½ hour or longer depending on the part(s) being examined.