A prostate ultrasound is used to assess the prostate and urinary system including the bladder and kidneys.



An appointment is required


You Must bring the REQUISTION


You Must bring the HEALTH CARD

Some important points:
  • If you are late for your appointment or are not properly prepared, you will be rebooked
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to register
  • 24 Hours notice is required to change or cancel an appointment or you will be charged for the missed appointment


  • On the day of the test, you may eat as usual.Take any medication (pills) that you normally take.
  • Ninety minutes before your test time, go to the washroom and empty your bladder.
  • Preparation for this test also involves using one (1) DULCOLAX SUPPOSITORY 2 hours before your appointment time. A Dulcolax suppository is an over-the-counter medication that is available at most pharmacies. It is inserted rectally. This medication should cause you to have a bowel movement, usually within 15 – 30 minutes. You do not need a laxative.
  • Now, drink 5 LARGE GLASSES (40 ounces, 1.3 litres) OF WATER over the next thirty minutes. You MUST finish the water ONE FULL HOUR BEFORE your appointment time. DO NOT GO TO THE WASHROOM until after the ultrasound.
  • Please bring the results of your PSA test if you have them.

    A PSA test is a blood test to determine the level of prostate specific antigens in your blood. This test must NOT be done within a week of either a digital (finger) exam by your doctor or a transrectal ultrasound. Please be sure to have the blood test before your ultrasound or at least a week after the exam.


The sonographer will take you into the exam room and have you lie on the bed. They will ask you to pull your pants to the level of your hips. A towel will be placed over your pants to protect them from the gel.

The sonographer will take several pictures of you full bladder and prostate. You will then be asked to go to the washroom. Please empty as much as possible. If you need to have a bowel movement, you may use the toilet. You will then go back into the exam room for more pictures of the bladder. The sonographer will also take pictures of each kidney. The next step is the transrectal ultrasound. You may empty your bladder again before this portion of the test. The sonographer will ask you to pull your pants and underwear down just to your mid thigh. You will lie on you left side with your knees bent up. The sonographer will insert a small probe into your rectum. You will feel some pressure, and it will be uncomfortable, however it shouldn’t hurt. The sonographer will take several pictures of the prostate. This should take between 5 and 15 minutes. You may get the sensation that you have to urinate. If you can not tolerate the probe, inform the technologist. Once the exam is done you are free to go. There should not be any bleeding or pain after the test.

Your doctor will receive the results.

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