An appointment is required


You Must bring the REQUISTION


You Must bring the HEALTH CARD


You must mention if you have implants

Some important points:
  • If you are late for your appointment or are not properly prepared, you will be rebooked
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to register
  • 24 Hours notice is required to change or cancel an appointment or you will be charged for the missed appointment


  • You must not wear any deodorant, powder, lotion or perfume under your arms or on your breasts on the days of the test. This can cause false readings on the pictures.
  • It is best to wear a 2 piece outfit.
  • If you experience breast tenderness, try to book the exam for the week after you have your period as this is usually the time that they are least tender.
  • It is a good idea to avoid caffeine for 2-3 days prior to the test.
  • Procedure

    A technologist who specializes in mammography will call you into the room. They will ask you to remove your clothing from the waist up and put on a gown. She will go over your history, family history and any current problems or concerns. She will then proceed with the exam.

    You will stand close to the x-ray machine. Your breast will be placed on the machine and positioned carefully to get the proper angles. As the technologist takes the x-ray, a paddle will slowly compress the breast tissue. This is an important step that allows for the best visualization of all of the breast tissue. The compression will feel uncomfortable and you will feel pressure. As soon as the exposure is finished the compression will be released. Routinely, each breast is examined in at least 2 different angles. The technologist will then check the pictures. Sometimes, additional x-ray pictures of the whole breast or one particular area of the breast may be needed. An ultrasound of the breast is also frequently done with the mammogram. Neither of these additional tests means anything is wrong. The technologist will do what is necessary to get the best view of the breast tissue for the radiologist using any of these methods. Once the pictures are taken, you may dress and go. The radiologist will read the pictures. If they feel it is necessary, you may be called back for more pictures or ultrasound. Again, this should not cause concern.

    Your doctor will receive the results in a few business days.

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