Can I pick up my images to take to my doctor or specialist?

If your physician or a specialist asks you to bring a copy of your images please call us at least 24 hours in advance and we will prepare a CD/DVD for you to take to them.  Copies of your report may be sent directly to another physician or specialist with your consent.  Simply call our office with the doctor’s name, address and fax number.

How can I renew my OHIP card?

For information on changing or renewing your health card please click here.

Why can’t the technologist tell me what they see?

A technologist is not legally allowed to give you any results. The examination must be read by a doctor who specializes in reading these tests.

How long does it take for my doctor to get the results?

Your doctor will get the results of your test within 3-4 business days, if not sooner.

I was told not to eat or drink anything before my test. Can I take my medication?

If you are taking any medication that you are concerned about, or are diabetic, please tell the receptionist when you book your appointment.

How long will my test take?

Most tests take less than ½ hour to complete. Some pregnancy ultrasounds, arterial ultrasounds, and some gastric tests can take longer. It is always a good idea to leave plenty of time before any other appointments. You may ask the receptionist or technologist for a better idea of timing for your examination.

Why do I need to book an appointment for some tests?

Some tests (gastrics, ultrasound, mammography, etc.) require an appointment. This is due to preparation that you must do for the test or because we need to be sure that specialized equipment or staff is available for your test.

Why do you need to see my health card at every visit?

Your OHIP card is the form of payment for your test(s). We need to verify the information that we have every time you come in so that we can get paid for the tests. If we do not have your current health card number and version code, OHIP will not reimburse us for your test and we will send you a bill in the mail.

Why do I need to bring my requisition if I’ve already booked the appointment?

Just like a prescription, your requisition is a legal order from your doctor. We are unable to perform any tests on you without this paper.